Manon is a graphic designer based in Newcastle, Australia. She has spent her whole life drawing and the last few years completing a bachelor of design (honours) in visual communication at UTS — where her love for meaningful brands, information visualisation and swiss typefaces blossomed. Driven by c

The Dirty

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The Dirty

Sex education is failing youth — it’s boring, outdated, and untimely. When your education gets as good as putting a condom on a banana and the internet is filled with misconceptions, we understand why you spend your nights playing Dr. Google. The Dirty is a platform, a movement, and a conversation.

Created in collaboration with Lilly Mullins, Brian Lo and Lizzie Smith, The Dirty is a project created in response to Dropbox’s D&AD New Blood brief; challenging students to harness the power of graphic design to respond to a social issue of their choosing. We chose sex education.

We started by talking about sex education. A lot. With our friends, our siblings, our parents, a few strangers on the internet and some tourists in Pitt St Mall. It became clear that sex education is far more problematic than we anticipated. In addition to being dangerously unmemorable, sex education is outdated, inaccessible and untimely. We decided to take this private issue public, disrupt existing stigmas and make sex education accessible to everyone, everywhere.

After an intense summer developing the project with invaluable mentorship from DesignStudio Sydney, For the People and Nicky Hardcastle, we were delighted to receive two D&AD awards for the entry; a Yellow Pencil and one of only four White Pencils awarded to students in 2018.